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Bulmba Stage

Djabugay logo

With permission from the Djabugay Tribal Corporation and to pay respects to the Djabugay and Buluwai Bama, Kuranda Roots names its workshop stage Bulmba. 

Bulmba is home. Camping ground. Country. The world itself. Time, because Bulmba is always changing - from day to night, season to season. Bulmba is the authority of the elders.  


Mayi Wunba

Mayi Wunba

Mayi Wunba is an Intergenerational Cultural Dance Group who are descendants from the Djabugay bama of Ngunbay (Kuranda). 

The dance group started with Uncle Lance Riley back in the 1980s. Mayi Wunba have embodied and passed on their traditions, keeping their local culture strong through the generations, and through all the many challenges, including language revival. Over the years the Mayi Wunba torch has passed to Bertie Riley who has led the dancers to major festivals and National dance events including the Laura Dance Festival which Mayi Wunba took out highest points winners in 2017. Mayi Wunba were invited to perform at Dance Rites at the Sydney Opera House 2017, and recently featured in the multi-award winning first Australian virtual reality documentary film ‘Carriberrie’ which highlights the importance of the shared Indigenous knowledge, language and culture that has been passed on for 60,000 years. 


Learn ancient Djabugay skills over 3 workshops with Leelan

Join Sharni as she leads you through a rejuvenating yoga session accompanied by sound healing from Oden

Join Amber and Oden in This Journey through transformational Himalayan breathwork and sound healing.

Awaken your Freestyle is a workshop focused on teaching people the fundamentals of Freestyle rapping and singing in a safe and supportive space. It's centered on the premise that Freestyling is not some unattainable gift, but a muscle that can be honed.

This Shakti flow yoga practice will take you on a journey of movement, tantric energy and breathwork, and meditation, creating an experience that is deeply powerful for awakening the divine life-force energy within you

Connect with culture, community and nature through intentional touch and somatic play practices. Explore the alchemy of mind & emotions, the body and movement and how the textures of life influence our being and wellbeing. Interactive and all inclusive.

Pilates with John Cawley

Melisa has been practicing law in the State of Queensland as a Solicitor for more than five years and would like to share how changing our innerworld creates change within our communities and further changes our Law/Lore.

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